Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion is Murder

Most people think that abortion is just the removing of some tissue and cells; but those who participate in the killing of the preborn, including Planned Parenthood, know that it is the killing of a baby.

In 1963, before abortion was legal, a Planned Parenthood pamphlet declared, “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.”1 Even after abortion was legalized, a 1973 Planned Parenthood booklet stated, “One sperm joins one egg = baby.”2

Those who actually do abortions know that they are killing a baby. Abortionist Martin Haskell stated in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on May 28, 1999, that “When or how the fetus dies is of no real consequence.”3 Another abortionist from Milwaukee put it this way: “We know that it is killing but the State permits killing under certain circumstances.”4

Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report (1999-2000) declares that they bloodied their hands with the killing of 182,854 preborn babies in 1998.5 That is more than ten percent of all preborn children killed in America each year – done by one organization!

If you doubt the humanity of the preborn child, just go to your local public library, pull out a medical textbook on fetal development, and see for yourself what the child in the womb looks like.


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