May 2018 Newsletter

Indiana Mission - Missionaries to the Preborn

Missionaries to the Preborn May 2018 Newsletter:

  • Mission trip updates – Helping the Dan Fisher campaign in Oklahoma, facing treachery from the Republican party and Right to Life while campaigning for abolitionist candidates in Indiana
  • New video – Thoughts on the pro-life and republican treachery against total abolition and the preborn (see the video here)
  • OPERATION SAVE AMERICA – Indianapolis, IN July 14th – 21st, 2018, Missionaries to the Preborn will gather with hundreds of others for an Operation Save America undertaking. This effort will include much ministry on the streets during the day and speakers in the evening.
  • Wisconsin Petition – The Petition will continue to be circulated until August 31st.
  • Article: The Early Years of the Supreme Court’s March to Destroy the Sovereignty of the States by Matthew Trewhella

Download the newsletter here:

May MTP Newsletter pdf


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