Wisconsin Fall Campus Tour 2018

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  1. You’re crazy if you think any of the young, educated individuals on campuses will be positively impacted by you screaming and name calling. Your messages are hateful and radical. If you dont want an abortion, then dont get one. You have no right to decide that for anyone other than yourself.

    1. Hi “Anonymous” thanks for dropping by to lie and slander. Hours of video containing “young, educated individuals on campuses” screaming and name calling (and I will add to your list: threatening and assaulting). Footage of us doing the same? Non-existent. Hateful and radical? Defending the most downtrodden people group in our society from the murderous clutches of the likes of holocaust defenders such as your self is hardly hateful, and should be the furthest thing from radical in a civilized society. “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one” is akin to saying, “Don’t buy a slave” or “Don’t gas Jewish people.” How about this: YOU have no right to decide to KILL anyone else, despite what the governing authorities and society says. It is the grossest violation of human rights to murder someone in cold blood for convenience sake.

    1. Look, another one of those young and highly educated students putting forth logical and challenging counterpoints to our ideas! Are you the girl who spit on one of us, the guy who took a swing at one of us, one of the multiple persons who tried to steal and vandalize our property, or just one of the droves of American University zombies chanting meaningless slogans together like some kind of twisted version of “Romper Room” for defenders of mass murder?

      1. Why are you complaining about people doing things like this? Don’t you anti-choice, anti-freedom cretins have a Planned Parenthood that you need to be shooting up right now?

        1. “Opposedtostupidity” your name would be more believable if you practiced what you preached. But help me out on a little research project, if you will, I’m trying to figure out how many abortion abolitionists have shot up planned parenthood buildings. I’ll wait. Hint: it equals the number of logical arguments against us proffered by anti-life, anti-biology cretins. In the meantime, we can talk about the astronomical death toll Planned Murderhood is responsible for. Hint: it’s roughly equal to the number of moral, logical and biological arguments against mass infanticide that you are unable to refute in a rational dialogue. Which is why, “Opposedtostupidity,” you have resort to lying, obfuscation and slander – three decidedly stupid actions.

          1. I think you misspoke – you said “we” when you seem to be the only one ignoring facts to preserve a narrative of legalized mass murder of infants. You offer no reasonable arguments to what we have have brought to the table at the UW, but instead try some lame comparison of us to a mentally unstable murderer that not only killed some people at a Planned Parenthood Death camp, but also killed a Christian man – a church elder who taught regularly in his congregation – who had arrived to help your genocidal friends. This is a red herring. More obfuscation. Would you like to tally the score between clinic shooters and baby murderers? It’s about 65 million to 16, and you’re in the lead. Plus out of all of the clinic shooters, only one of them had a credible profession of faith until he went ahead with the attack. I’m still waiting for you to come with an Abolitionist that has done it, btw.

          2. I also find it hard to believe you have any real compassion for the victims considering you approve of throwing away little babies like they are garbage – but only after they have been poisoned and/or dismembered alive. And this by the millions. I believe the only compassion you have is for unrestrained hedonism with no strings attached, and to this end, even your own offspring are expendable.

          3. And talk about a tenuous relationship with truth – “real lives?” Deny science much? The preborn are undeniably human from the point of conception, that’s plain and simple biology, and also self evident, unless you are blinded by your quest for lust. Another hedonistic American that has all the sexual self control of a dog in heat? Sounds like it. How about offering up some logical, reasonable and biological arguments?

  2. Its hilarious how most of the people “preaching” this are either young kids who aren’t allowed to think for themselves or males who really have no say in what a WOMAN does with her body.

    1. Hi there “Anonymous,” what seems hilarious to me is the fact that you saw a few of us in one section of the campus on one short portion of one day and automatically assume that represents the majority of us. It does not. There were very few minors and plenty of females involved. Also more than a little amusing is how you base your judgment of us on age and gender, which reveals your ageist and misogynist thinking. What a woman does with her body is a different subject altogether. What she does to the body of a separate individual human being is what is in question here.

    1. Thank you, Professor, for attempting to weigh in with an actual argument instead of a reply based entirely on ad hominem attacks and lies about our conduct. But we absolutely don’t base human rights or value on the ability to feel pain, and no one else should either. We assume the possession of human rights on – get this – being human! By virtue of one’s humanity, one should be afforded the same protections that every other member of the human race deserves. The preborn are undeniably human, and so those that wish to maintain the status quo of expendable lives for the sake of convenience and cash are forced to come up with subjective, non-scientific categories such as “personhood” etc.

    2. Not sure what you mean by “herd mentality,” it seems obvious to me that the herd are those droves of people indoctrinated by public schools to believe in patently unscientific ideologies that allow for the acceptance of fantasy as reality (“wormkin” anyone?) and the denial of human rights to the point of the ultimate brutality – mass murder of infants.

  3. Hope you guys do something productive with your lives besides fearmongering college students.

    1. Isn’t it ironic that people who profess to be all about “love” and “human rights” would consider speaking out against the legalized mass murder of millions of infants to be unproductive? Seems like “love” and “human rights” are just code words for unrestrained hedonism and have nothing to do with their actual definitions.

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