OSA 2019 National Event – Completing the Work

Start spreading the news. Operation Save America is planning their annual national event.

Location: Milwaukee, WI.

Dates: Saturday, July 13th-Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Theme: Complete the Work.

This particular event will be youth focused. OSA will take this week in redemptive history to invest in this next generation to equip them to COMPLETE THE WORK! it is based upon the Nehemiah, Ezra narrative in the Bible.

They will learn about the history of the Rescue movement and the exploits of those who have gone before them.

They will go to the place where the Republican Party was birthed in Ripon, WI. They will learn the Republican political party was established specifically to end the scourge of slavery that defiled America.

They will learn how the state of Wisconsin in defense of a runaway slave, Joshua Glover, defied the Feds. Wisconsin made sure the Feds understood their ruling in the Fugitive Slave Act was “without authority, void, and of no force” in their state.

They will learn how this history is needed and necessary to Complete the Work in their generation to deliver our nation from the scourge of abortion savaging our nation.

Schedule: There will be street activities each morning as we divide in different teams. We will also gather at historic sites to learn the history of what we are seeking to impart to our young.

There will be afternoon session to further the training for our young.

There will also be nightly rallies to impart vision and mission in Milwaukee to rise up and Complete the Work.

Please mark your calendars, rally the youth, and make plans to come to Milwaukee, WI to Complete the Work.

For more information:
Missionaries to the Preborn newsletter
Operation Save America event page

5 thoughts on “OSA 2019 National Event – Completing the Work

  1. Very excited to be a part of rallying the troops to order to stab the beast of the abortion industry. Let no rock be unturned as we reveal the hucksters who use our precious preborn children as political footballs. May we reach the hearts of women in crisis who need love and support to carry their children to term. Praise God!

  2. Could you please send me the schedule for speakers this week at your assemblies? I heard that Eva Edl is speaking tomorrow but have no information on time or location. I have others who were very interested in this.
    Thank you.
    Mary Reis

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