• A Personal Pastoral Note: Division, Strife, and Maturity
    Division, Strife, and Maturity - MissionariesToThePreborn.com

    As I grew older as a pastor, I realized the congregation was growing older with me. The leadership did not want this to happen as we had witnessed it in other congregations. We realized we needed a younger man to come along and assist in pastoring. One who had a lot of self-initiative and could come into his own, while also learning from an experienced pastor.

    Our desire was (as older men) to rally around

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  • Three Reasons Why You CANNOT Embrace Both Immediatism and Incrementalism
    You CANNOT Embrace Both Immediatism and Incrementalism

    For those not familiar with these terms, immediatism calls for the immediate and total abolition of abortion. Incrementalism, on the other hand, calls for chipping or nibbling away at abortion – passing small measures to curtail the number of abortions being committed now with the hope of finally outlawing it completely.

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  • Should Women be Punished for Murdering Their Own Son or Daughter by Abortion? The Roe v. Wade Opinion actually spoke to this
    Should Women be Punished for Murdering Their children by Abortion

    Donald Trump caused a firestorm recently when being grilled by Chris Matthews of MSNBC as to whether there should be punishment for women if abortion is made illegal. Trump, who clearly never thought about this before, said what any rational person would say – “Yeah.”

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  • Aiding and Abetting a Gross Fiction

    The Constitution does not bind us to a suicide pact with the federal judiciary. That branch is lawless – and it is in need of the checks and balances of the other branches. The lawless authoritarianism of SCOTUS and the federal judiciary needs to be opposed by all other branches of government at all levels of government – federal, state, county, and local.

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  • Wisconsin’s Defiance of Federal Tyranny
    Joshua Glover and Wisconsin’s Defiance of Federal Tyranny

    On the evening of March 10, 1854, federal marshals burst into the cabin of Joshua Glover, a runaway slave who had been living in Racine, Wisconsin, arresting him under the federal Fugitive Slave Act. As word spread of the arrest and imprisonment, abolitionists rallied to the cry of “A man’s liberty is at stake – gather at the Courthouse”…

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  • Joshua Glover and Wisconsin’s Defiance of the Federal Fugitive Slave Act

    IN 1859 THE WISCONSIN LEGISLATURE DEFIED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. IS IT TIME FOR THEM TO DO IT AGAIN? In a historic act of interposition, the Wisconsin Legislature and the Wisconsin Supreme Court defied the federal government and the U.S. Supreme Court by interposing and declaring the federal Fugitive Slave Act to be void and of no force.

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  • Why We Show the Bloody Photographs of the Murdered Preborn
    Why we show the pictures - Missionaries to the Preborn

    We display these photographs because the media has censored the preborn child from the “abortion debate.” The American press refuses to show the American people what these babies look like who are dying in the womb. We are simply attempting to bypass that media blackout by going to the streets and displaying these photographs.

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  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Birth Control: A Guide for Engaged and Newlywed Couples


    If you are like almost every other recently engaged or newlywed couple, you have probably given some thought to the subject of birth control. Hopefully, you have even talked this over some with your soon-to-be mate. As you look forward to your wedding and your new life together, birth control is one topic that you and your future mate would be wise to discuss.

    This article is designed to be a

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  • The Protest of a Protestant Minister Against Birth Control

    In 1985, I held two beliefs which convinced me that getting a vasectomy was fine. The first belief was that God nowhere in Scripture condemns the use of birth control, therefore it must be okay. The second belief was that God wants us to use”wisdom,” therefore in today’s economy and because of my emotional makeup it would not be wise for me to have more than two children, and I already had two. Both

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  • How many Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices does it take to overturn Roe V. Wade?

    Every four years, Christian people in this nation are stampeded into voting for the Republican presidential candidate based on the mantra – “whoever is elected President will appoint Supreme Court justices!” Republicans insist that we must vote for their presidential candidate in order to insure that liberal justices are not appointed to the Supreme Court.

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  • This is What the Bravery of a Lesser Magistrate Looks Like

    “But if I should hold back my opinions at such a time as this, I would consider myself guilty of treason toward my country — and an act of disloyalty to the majesty of heaven Whom I revere above all earthly kings.” –Alabama Chief Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore

    On Monday, March 23rd, 2015, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore spoke to hundreds in Texas.

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  • Governor Scott Walker Betrays Christ

    When the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Wisconsin’s appeal regarding homosexual marriage being imposed on the state by a federal appellate court, Governor Scott Walker responded by saying, “For us, it’s over in Wisconsin. The federal courts have ruled that this decision by this court of appeals decision is the law of the land and we will be upholding it.”

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  • Pastor Educates Lawmakers on Biblical Duty to Resist Tyranny

    Written by Alex Newman – Thursday, 15 January 2015

    In a revival of a centuries-old American tradition this month, a Wisconsin pastor offered a powerful election sermon to Montana lawmakers at the legislature urging them to do their biblical duty by standing up to escalating federal tyranny. Citing a broad array of Scriptures from the Bible and what is known as the “doctrine of the lesser magistrate,” Pastor Matt Trewhella told

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  • On this 42nd infamous anniversary of Roe v. Wade

    Dear Friends of the Preborn,

    Today is the 42nd anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. And the slaughter of the preborn continues.

    What is shocking is that during this time – not one governor, not one legislature, not one mayor, not one common council has defied the Federal government and interposed on behalf of the preborn. All have complied. All have complied with cold-blooded, brutal murder. Stunning.

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  • Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion is Murder

    Most people think that abortion is just the removing of some tissue and cells; but those who participate in the killing of the preborn, including Planned Parenthood, know that it is the killing of a baby.

    In 1963, before abortion was legal, a Planned Parenthood pamphlet declared, “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.”1 Even after abortion

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    1. Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness (Planned Parenthood – World Population, 1963)

  • You Support Planned Parenthood!

    Some try to say that it is “o.k.” that Planned Parenthood receives your tax dollars because none of the tax dollars they receive is actually used to commit abortions. But that is as stupid as saying it would have been “o.k.” to give Hitler our tax dollars as long as none of the tax dollars he received went to actually gas the Jews.

    What a pathetic people we are if we want to tolerate the

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  • Large Family Planning – Planned Parenthood-Style

    “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”1 – Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood

    Even though Margaret Sanger said this and many other cruel things, Planned Parenthood has never distanced themselves from her nor condemned her writings; rather they continue to honor her.

    For example, every year Planned Parenthood gives awards to

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    1. Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race (New York: Brentano’s, 1920).

  • Planned Parenthood and Forced Sterilization

    What organization has proposed forced sterilization for those who have already had two children?

    The answer is—Planned Parenthood!

    Frederick Jaffe, who was the head of research at Planned Parenthood, proposed “compulsory sterilization for those who have already had two children” in a memo entitled “Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility.”

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