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  • January 2018 Newsletter

    Missionaries to the Preborn January 2018 Newsletter: Forty-five years of brutal bloodshed, Oklahoma Mission, WI Mission to the Magistrates, Petition for Total and Immediate Abolition, The Duty of the Magistrates in the Face of Tyranny article by Matt Trewhella, free “The State is not God” decal.

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  • November 2017 Newsletter

    Missionaries to the Preborn November 2017 Newsletter including Indiana,”Heal Without Harm” pro-life strategy and regulation, The Goodness of My Wife article by Matt Trewhella

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  • October 2017 Newsletter

    Missionaries to the Preborn October 2017 Newsletter: Engaging the culture for abolition in Milwaukee, new dropcards, new article by Pastor Matthew Trewhella

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  • August 2017 Newsletter
    OSA Kentucky Open Letter to the Magistrates -

    Missionaries to the Preborn August 2017 Newsletter including Arkansas, Pro-life strategy and regulation, Teaching Interposition and Abolition in Kentucky, Lesser magistrates as sentinels, Tour Stop updates at the U.S. Open, Faithful Soldier Summer Camp

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  • June 2017 Newsletter

    Included in this mailing: Wisconsin Right to Life hindrance to abolishing abortion, Correcting More Dumb Views about Romans 13, Wisconsin Campus Tour—Spring 2017 report, Article: Is Education Comprehensive or Selective?

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  • April 2017 Newsletter
    April 2017 Missionaries to the Preborn Newsletter - the Joshua Glover Project

    Report on the four day AAWI Joshua Glover effort this past March, The Odious Fiction Destroying America: repudiating the popular Supreme Court misconceptions, The 2nd Biggest Impediment to Seeing Interposition Effected for the Preborn in Wisconsin: seeing women who murder their children as victims, highlights from the Joshua Glover Ceremony held at Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee. Included in the mailings was Abolish Abortion Wisconsin’s 12 page booklet defining abolitionism and introducing the

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  • February 2017 Newsletter
    February 8, 2017 Madison interposition abolition AHA

    Latest newsletter,February 2017: General itinerary for Abolish Abortion Wisconsin conference/mission in March – including Joshua Glover Commemorative Ceremony with key note speaker former Green Bay Packer Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB), more abolitionist agitation

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  • January 2017 Newsletter
    MTP Madison Inaugural Outreach 2017 #AAWI

    Latest newsletter, January of 2017: agitating for interposition at the Capitol building in Madison, upcoming Joshua Glover ceremony, the role of the citizen in the defiance of federal tyranny and SCOTUS, states positioning themselves to interpose for the preborn and defy the federal judiciary.

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  • November 2016 Newsletter
    MTP Wisconsin Campus Tour 2016

    Milwaukee Police Department – complicity and duplicity with the Affiliated deathcamp, abolitionist arrested at Milwaukee death camp found “not guilty” of bogus charges issued by MPD, information on upcoming Joshua Glover event planned for March, Wisconsin Campus Tour report.

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  • October 2016 Newsletter

    MPT Truth Truck hits DC area events, DC Abolitionist Tour report, Wisconsin Campus Tour announcement, article: Three Reasons Why You Cannot Embrace Both Immediatism and Incrementalism.


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  • August 2016 Newsletter

    Wichita OSA mission report, Faithful Soldier Summer Camp announcement, Milwaukee tour stop announced, incrementalism.


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  • May 2016 Newsletter
    Matt Trewhella Interposition and Lesser Magistrates

    Wichita Summer of Justice tour announcement, 25 years since the Summer of Mercy in Wichita, Wauwatosa tour stop, End Abortion Now video/event, Montana Election Sermon link, article: Should Women be Punished for Murdering Their Own Son or Daughter by Abortion.


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  • March 2016 Newsletter

    Oklahoma tour report, GOP kills body parts bill and STILL gets a pass from pro-family pro-life groups, yet MORE GOP hypocrisy on defunding Planned Parenthood, Brookfield tour stop announced, Wichita Summer of Justice tour announced, Justice Scalia and Every Four Years. 


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  • January 2016 Newsletter

    43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade opinion, GOP hypocrisy on defunding Planned Parenthood, Paul Ryan demonstrations, December’s Urbana outreach, Oklahoma tour announcement, last monthly tour stop of 2015. 


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  • May 2015 Newsletter

    Upcoming Defy Tyrants tour itinerary, Oak Creek tour stop, Justice Roy Moore speaks in Texas – This is What the Bravery of a Lesser Magistrate Looks Like 


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  • March 2015 Newsletter

    Our main effort of daily intervention outside the deathcamps, Wauwatosa Sidewalk Counseling Training Session, Defy Tyrants tour announcement, Monthly Tour Stop for April Wauwatosa/Brookfield, Governor Scott Walker Betrays Christ


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  • January 2015 Newsletter

    42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, INTERPOSITION tour announced for June, Pastor Matt’s sermon to the legislators of Montana, Sidewalk Counseling Training Session in West Allis, Wake Up Church conference in Wausau, Alex Newman article on resisting tyranny 


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