Partial Birth Abortion examined

By REV. MATT TREWHELLA, Missionaries to the Preborn

Recently, some well-meaning pro-life legislators at the behest of some well-meaning pro-life strategists introduced a measure on Capitol Hill to outlaw D&X abortions. Having seen dismal fruit when it comes to nearly two decades of half-measure legislation, the pro-life movement has decided to go for minuscule -measure legislation. D&X abortion is the method used to kill less than 1 % of the preborn babies killed by abortion, yet that is where they have decided to stand and fight.

The Christian Coalition and National Right to Life have decided to join in this miniscule-measure strategy by coordinating the D&X measure. Christian Coalition also declares this strategy in their Contract With America where their defense of the preborn only extends to those killed by D&X and tax-funded abortions. The pro-life strategists have moved from half-measure strategy to miniscule-measure strategy because the half-measures haven’t been successful. The national leaders have been telling everyone for years we need half-measures because that’s all we can win. Since that hasn’t worked, now they’re telling us we need miniscule-measures because that’s all we can win. Who wants to fight with men who have raised such a miserable standard as that? The question of the hour is: why have we moved to a miniscule-measure strategy rather than a complete abolition strategy?

William Wilberforce, the man credited with having the slave trade abolished throughout the British Empire by Parliament, never advocated the half-measure strategy, not to mention the minuscule-measure strategy. He advocated complete abolition of the trade. He constantly had to combat his allies in the abolition movement who wanted gradual reforms. He said to do it gradually is to give away the moral high ground. That to introduce half-measures against this “man-stealing,” would lead the public to no longer view it as raw evil, but rather, just a bad thing which needed to be regulated. After introducing his motion for total abolition every year for twenty years, he won!

Missionaries to the Preborn is not just pointing the finger, but has embarked on a long term plan to raise a no compromise standard in our legislative halls in Madison. There are thousands of good pro-lifers around the state who are sick of the compromise; are sick of being told they can’t do this and they can’t do that because we can’t win. ‘They’re sick of being told by the pro-life strategists “go home; your ideas are unrealistic.”

Missionaries to the Preborn has joined with other good prolifers in establishing a 100% pro-life P.A.C. (Last month’s mailing) to see a new breed of pro-life statesman raised up. We have helped in writing pro-life legislation that will cut the heart out of the killing industry in this state. We will do more, by God’s grace, as He leads because we are sick and tired of seeing our preborn neighbor get slighted by these wine and cheese strategists. We want the preborn to be shown some honor and dignity by statesmen of courage who will speak for them passionately.

Does this mean we are abandoning our ministry on the streets to these voiceless ones? Not at all. Our focus will remain with ministry to our neighbor out on the streets, but now our ministry has simply expanded. We are tired of seeing good people sacrificially act on behalf of their neighbor out on the streets, only to see their efforts and the preborn they love spit upon by the strategists who love to parley with the king back at the legislative halls.

We need your financial help to make our voice heard. It is a voice of no compromise. It is a voice of impassioned love for the preborn. Join with us in educating the pro-life movement and the Church in principle, not pragmatics. Rally to this standard. Deo vindice!