MTP Outreach at the 2017 Inaugural, Madison, WI

MTP Madison Inaugural Outreach 2017 #AAWI

On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., we gathered outside and inside the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin for the 2017 Wisconsin Inaugural.

We passed out literature and held signs demanding immediate interposition and total abolition of abortion in Wisconsin and then made our way into the capital.

Many legislators, “movers and shakers”, as well as passers-by witnessed our display on behalf of the preborn. We were able to get the word out about Joshua Glover, Sherman Booth, and the WI Legislature’s interposition on behalf of human rights as they defied the federal government regarding the tyrannical Federal Fugitive Slave act.

Eventually we entered the capital building itself to urge our representatives gathered on the inside to follow the example of their predecessors and defy the feds in regards to the murder of the preborn.

If we want to affect interposition for the preborn, these types of actions towards the magistrates of Wisconsin must be carried out.

We pray that Christ was honored and our neighbor loved in this endeavor.



2 thoughts on “MTP Outreach at the 2017 Inaugural, Madison, WI

  1. I receive your news letters and donate to Missionaries – I have been trying to watch the 2 U-Tube videos from Oconomowoc- I have lived in Oconmowoc for 30 years- and both the videos are labelled ” unavailable” when I type in the address. Has u-tube taken these down? I believe I recognize the neighborhood. Was this on Oakwood Ave. shortly before you reach Fowler Park? I would really like to watch the videos as this took place in my community and I had no idea we still had an abortionist living here. I have gone to the Missionaries website and am unable to watch even the videos about Milwaukees cops. Is there a reason?
    Thank you

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