August 2017 Newsletter

OSA Kentucky Open Letter to the Magistrates -

Missionaries to the Preborn August 2017 Newsletter

  • Arkansas, Pro-life strategy and regulation: On July 29th, ABC national news published the following story – Judge blocks Arkansas from Enforcing 4 Abortion Restrictions. This news story is yet another example why the pro-life movement’s strategy to attack Roe in the courts is a failed strategy.
  • Teaching Interposition and Abolition in Kentucky: Pastor Matt Trewhella was invited to speak on the doctrine of the lesser magistrates and spoke to a crowd of several hundred on Monday evening, July 24th. He called upon the attendees to establish a ‘mission to the magistrates’ in their
    state and county.
  • Lesser magistrates as sentinels: A sentinel is a watchman who guards against the approach of danger. Today we have a lawless federal judiciary once again. SCOTUS dispenses injustice and immorality. The preborn are being butchered and God’s created order for marriage is impugned. Where are the sentinels of our day?
  • Tour Stop updates: Missionaries to the Preborn brings the reality of America’s holocaust to the U.S. Open Golf Tournament in Wisconsin. Next tour stop-Saturday, August 19, 2017
  • Faithful Soldier Summer Camp: August 14th-18th, Riverside Bible Camp, Amherst, WI

Included in the mailings were copies of Abolitionist literature handed out at the National Right to Life conference.

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