November 2017 Newsletter

Missionaries to the Preborn November 2017 Newsletter

  • “Heal Without Harm” legislation: The pro-life/pro-family groups in Wisconsin have spent the last year  trying to outlaw the sale of baby body parts – part of their Heal Without Harm Initiative – legislation that allows the preborn to continue to be murdered.
  • Indiana, the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine, and OSA: A team of about 20 people from Wisconsin went to Indiana from November 1st-4th to join with Operation Save America in order to speak up for the preborn.
  • The Goodness of My Wife: Article by Matt Trewhella. In a society rampant with divorce and infidelity, having a wife that is good is a treasure. And for this, I hold my wife dear. I see the Lord’s favor towards me when I consider my wife.

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