January 2018 Newsletter


Missionaries to the Preborn January 2018 Newsletter

  • Forty-five years of brutal bloodshed: We have failed to protect our neighbor in need and convince our magistrates of their duty to protect the preborn through law. We must repent of this incremental approach to ending this bloodshed – which has actually only sustained the killing for 45 years now.
  • Oklahoma Mission: March 2-6. Help us rally around the nation’s first truly abolitionist candidate for governor, Dan Fisher.
  • Mission to the Magistrates: Mission to the Magistrates – day at the capitol in Madison announced for February 7th.
  • Petition for Total and Immediate Abolition: Enclosed petition for Governor Walker to be used in conjunction with a future planned action.
  • The Duty of the Magistrates in the Face of Tyranny: Article by Matt Trewhella. The duty of our governor, our attorney general, and our legislature is to interpose against the lawlessness of the Supreme Court and protect the preborn. This is their duty in the sight of God, and they possess the historical/constitutional authority to do it.
  • Free “The State is not God” decal.

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