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The Operation Rescue/Operation Save America national effort is this coming July 13th through 20th. All are invited!

During this effort we will be teaching you about two important strains of history: one, is about the history regarding a runaway slave named Joshua Glover and the state of Wisconsin’s defiance of the Federal Fugitive Slave Act. Second is the history of the rescue movement here in Milwaukee from the efforts of Missionaries to the Preborn.

We will take you right out on the streets to the various locations of both of these historical efforts as we tell you the history.

When we see what brothers and sisters did before us – it is an inspiration to us and excites our hearts to serve Jesus. These two historical strains will teach you the importance of loving Christ and our preborn neighbor both out on the streets and in the halls of the magistrates.

There will be lots of ministry during this 8 day effort. You will learn needed tactics as well as proper biblical thinking.


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