Kleefisch – NOT!

If you want the same old Republican Party do-nothing status quo – then by all means vote for Rebecca Kleefisch

If you want the same old Republican Party do-nothing status quo – then by all means vote for Rebecca Kleefisch. She will certainly give you lip-service while she does nothing to stop the evil of the health tyrants.

Kleefisch is claiming to be for medical freedom, but she is all happy about former governor Tommy Thompson raising huge sums of money for her through a PAC set up just on her behalf.

Understand, Thompson is the President of the UW-University system and he has been doing all he can to get all the students in the University of Wisconsin vaccinated. This includes incentivizing students with $7000.00 scholarships if they get vaccinated. He is also a huge promoter of discriminating against those who believe in medical freedom and an enforcer of invasive pcr testing.

Thompson has stated that he would impose Biden’s vaccine mandate if it applies to the UW-University system. If Kleefisch actually cared about medical freedom – freedoms men fought, bled, and died for us to possess – she would not associate with Thompson, but rather condemn his actions.

Understand – the Republican Party will not protect you from the tyrants. The Republican Party has funded and politicized all of the covid fiction for the last year and a half – and Kleefisch is a part of the good-ol'-boy club with Robin Vos and the rest.

And also – don’t be fooled by her lip-service to the preborn. I say this as someone who has been involved in the fight for the preborn for over 30 years now.  The lip-service and feigned fights by governors and legislators needs to end. We must not tolerate it.

Planned Parenthood received over 100 million in tax dollars from our state purse while Kleefisch was Lt. Governor with Scott Walker. Planned Parenthood was lavished with so much money that they were able to build a brand new 8 million dollar killing center in Milwaukee during her tenure.

Kleefisch never condemned this spending to this organization that is the nation’s biggest murderer of the preborn. Nor did she speak up when the committee headed up by her legislator husband killed the ‘baby body parts’ bill – a Republican debacle that went on for five years and hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet failed to outlaw the sale of aborted preborn body parts.

The truth is the Republican Party across America and here in Wisconsin have shown over the last nearly 50 years now that they love to propose doing things for the preborn – as long as it doesn’t actually protect their lives. They like to use the helpless preborn as political footballs for their own political purposes.

Who do I support then in this campaign for governor here in Wisconsin?

An honest, hardworking young man named Jonathan Wichmann.

Jonathan has been speaking out against the covid response fiction since the beginning. He will actually end all the nonsense – not just claim to be for medical freedom while funding and politicizing the situation.

Wichmann will actually protect Wisconsinites from the tyrant horde of health officials.

Jonathan Wichmann is a Republican - but he is NOT part of the GOP good-ol'-boy club here in Wisconsin.

He is also 100% pro-life. Completely for the abolition of abortion. He will take action to see the preborn actually protected in Wisconsin – not used for political ends.

If you value freedom and value the preborn - work to get Jonathan Wichmann elected.

Check out his website here and see his stand on all the issues.

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