History of the Mission

Missionaries to the Preborn was founded in September of 1990 in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After reading Earl Parvin’s book, Missions USA, Rev. Matt Trewhella realized that although Christianity affirms the humanity of the preborn child and affirms that abortion is murder, not one of the over 400 Christian missions operating in America had targeted the preborn child as its people group. Missionaries to the Preborn is the first Christian mission in America dedicated to the ministry of our preborn neighbor.

Since the mission began, six of the eight abortion clinics in Milwaukee have closed down, fourteen Abortionists have stopped murdering babies, nearly 700 babies have been rescued from death, and scores of people have been converted to Christ, including parents of the babies, government officials and prison inmates.

Historical Perspective
Some question whether Missionaries to the Preborn is in keeping with the historic definition of a Christian mission. Listen to these words by missiologist J. Herbert Kane.

“Nor was this love confined to a passion for souls. With the love of God poured into their [missionaries] hearts by the Holy Spirit (Ro 5:5), they overflowed with love to others-not just their souls, but their bodies as well They loved them as persons, not just as potential converts; and they tried to minister to the needs of the whole man: body, mind and soul. The missionaries went where others would not go, and remained with the people they loved through famine, flood, plague, pestilence, and war. Often they endangered their own lives to save the lives of others. They may not have raised the dead; but they healed the sick, fed the poor, and clothed the naked. They cared for widows and orphans. They took in abandoned baby girls, fed, clothed, and educated them…”