MTP pickets Paul Ryan’s Janesville office


Just learned that the budget will be voted on tomorrow and that Planned Parenthood will continue to get full funding. The House holds the purse – and it is controlled by the GOP. Over the last two months both the House and the Senate (also GOP controlled) voted to defund PP – knowing full well that Obama would veto. BUT when it comes to something they can do – deny any funding to PP in the budget – they fund them fully. Now they will tell all their “pro-life” constituents that they voted to defund PP but Obama vetoed it. While the reality is they are hypocrites who have used the bloody backs of the helpless preborn for their own political advantage for decades now. This is why we did the demonstrations at Ryan’s church and office – to expose the continued hypocrisy of the GOP. And to hopefully get Christians to realize the games that are played and begin to demand total aboliton of this killing – and accept nothing less.

Read a news article about our recent picket of Ryan’s office in Janesville, WI here.

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